Memorial Day Cruise

what you need to know

-This year's theme "Woodstock: 50th Anniversary"

- 28 boats have confirmed reservations

- Low tide Saturday morning is 11:09 am

-Fleet will leave Bell 8 at 11:45 am

- Poolside cocktails at 15 p m  (no glass allowed at poolside)


- Take a swing at the pinata

- King Neptune & his Sea Goddess preside over boat renaming ceremonies and blessing of the fleet

- Progressive cocktail party and boat tour

​- Guided lighthouse tour

June 1 - Play in the Bay  (Race 1) 

12:00 pm start - must register


May 25,26,27 -Memorial Day Cruise

to Saugatuck Yacht  Club

   Better Together in route to Cuttyhunk



June 16 Ladies Skipper Race 

check back for more details






June 24  - "Boys -n- Buoys/Gals-n-Gales"  

 7 PM @ The  Shamrock in Halesite

June 8 - Commissioning Raft Up 

LLoyd Harbor Mooring



In 1975, a group of Huntington sailors joined together to form a sailing club designed to meet the particular needs of the sailing family. The club's Credo is very simple. Enjoy your sailing experiences in the good company of other sailors and have fun doing it.

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