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Flag Officers:   from left to right

Commodore: DaveCordts

     Rear Commodore: Brad Simon

          Vice Commodore: Lee Stern

               Secretary: Mona Hecht

                    Treasurer: Shirley Nel

Directors at Large:

Karen Gatto

     Helene Harrison

          Gary Matthesen

               Kevin Merola

                    Rick Puccinelli

                         Gary Schacker

Other Positions:

Membership:  Karla Marrero

     Fleet Cruising Captain:  Harvey Stern

          Fleet Racing Captain:  George Link

               Editor:  Gene Kinney

                     Advertisement:  Tom Conneely

                         Webmaster:  Mark Ambrosius

                              Chair of Past Commodore's Council:  Jackie Martin     

                                   Curator:  Peyton Harrison

                                        Sunshine: Eileen Conneely