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The objectives of the Masthead Cove Yacht Club are to encourage and promote interest and foster the art and enjoyment of the sport of sailing.  These goals will be achieved by providing the opportunity and means for the development of individual skill and knowledge, encouraging excellence in seamanship and navigation and by providing participative events wherein these qualities can be exercised.

In 1975, a group of Huntington sailors joined together to form a sailing club designed to meet the particular needs of the sailing family.  Today these needs continue to be met by following the simple guidelines established when the club was formed:

  • To be eligible you must own a sail boat over 20 feet in length and be berthed in the waterways of the Town of Huntington or Oyster Bay Harbor.                                   
  • Membership is limited to 100 families.  This allows the club to be large enough to support a variety of activities yet small enough to assure a spirit of camaraderie.                                                                    
  • Cost of membership would be kept to a minimum.  Instead of maintaining a clubhouse, our "clubhouse" consists of three large mooring buoys located in Lloyd Harbor, Oyster Bay Cove and Port Jefferson which can accommodate member's boats for relaxation and social activities.                                            
  • Club activities provide something for every sailor, every sailing family, every family, and every level of sailing skill.                                                                      
  • The club's Credo is very simple: Enjoy your sailing experiences in the good company of other sailors and have fun doing it.

If you are interested in having someone from the membership committee contact you to discuss joining, please complete the adjoining form.

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